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We are so much more than these beautiful bodies we are in, we are more than our powerful minds and our personality self, so if we are more than this, what are we then?
Janine Savient My passion is to support others to know the truth of themselves and the possibility that they may be so much more than what they know. To help support others on the journey ‘in’ and to find the beauty and love that they are in reality is my area of service to humanity. I see the good in every person for at our core we are beings of divine love and only good exists in love.

I believe we are multi-faceted beings with each facet being a unique part or characteristic making up the whole of us.

Each beautiful facet…the inner child, the rebellious teenager, the warm nurturing, loving mother / father, the old wise one….. All these parts make up the whole of us and it is a joy to bring these facets to an awakened state of awareness so they can have a voice.

With my awareness, my knowing of life is that everything that comes to us in this life is created by us ourselves. Our thoughts and ideas, our attitudes and our feelings are the tools we use to create with. Everything we experience we have had a hand in co-creating. Most do not have this understanding and therefore create their lives by default.

With the broad knowing and awareness for life that I have I understand who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life. Because of this I have a deep empathy and love for all others.

My knowing is that when life is lived from a place of LOVE the beauty that is witnessed delights and amazes us and feeds us on the deepest level. When we understand that our heart centers are the gateway to the greater part of ourselves and that it is through this place that that greater part of us and all life communicates with us, then we never get life wrong.

It is my greatest pleasure, an honour and my passion to support others to know this for themselves.

To bring others to the understanding that they are so much more than what they may know themselves to be, and that life is far more wonderful than their greatest expectations is a privilege.

To support others to know that life lived from a heart centered place…the place of love and truth….the place within each of us that creates a world of beauty around us gives the potential to live a life in absolute LOVE and JOY…fills my own heart.

About Janine Savient

Janine Savient is the author of the website Heart Transformations - 'The Heart Lady', and is a well known Teacher of Self Awareness and the power of love. Janine teaches people to live life through their hearts, and is in demand for weekend retreats as well as one on one sessions and discussions on who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life.


  1. whyamisolucky says:

    Congratulations Janine, the world has just become a more joyful place because of all the inspiring work you and your team will shine upon us here! Blessings with love to all.

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