The Journey…

The Journey ..

Have you committed as yet to the greatest journey you will undertake while here in this lifetime? This journey leads you to the core of yourself, to your Soul Self, to the heart of the universe… home to source!

In truth this is who you are, but you have lived under the veil of illusion, separation, and under ‘mind control’ for life times.

Right now you have come to lift the veils to your highest knowing of yourself beyond this human experience. The time is NOW to come into your full memory and deepest knowing of ALL that YOU are!

The time is NOW to reclaim your sovereignty as the God/Goddess that in truth is YOU!

You are Masters! You have come through the void of time and space to be here in these beautiful bodies, these amazing temples that house your true self.  These temples of the Soul were designed especially for this reality, especially created to allow you as the Soul to experience this 3rd dimensional plane. These beautiful uniquely designed bodies are changing back from carbon to crystalline at this time and as this metamorphosis is happening you are holding more and more light… returning to the light being you are!

Right now you are in the process of opening, remembering and accepting piece by piece the uniqueness of yourself as a being way beyond the human you have always known yourself to be. You feel now that there is so much more to you and are embodying ALL that you are by bringing home to you here and now all aspects, all splinters and fragments of you from all timelines, all dimensions.

You are opening to the knowledge that you are multi dimensional and there are many timelines happening simultaneously and these timelines flow through you as you exist on every one of them.

All is returning to ‘ONE’ … you are becoming ONE with every particle, every self on every plane of existence, and the more you integrate these parts of self, the more you remember, the more you expand, the more you open to your ‘greatness’ as the ALL of you becomes ONE again .. and the ONE that you are knows  the ALL that it is again.

In the awareness of what is actually happening for you, in the understanding and accepting of this integration, you make it a more gentle process. Staying open to the process and knowing that as each part that merges back into itself brings with it the knowing of itself and all that it has experienced, can be a bit rocky at times as the energy merges and settles, but once the integration is complete the expansion is felt and life is seen as if through new eyes.

These new eyes that see so much more are the eyes of Soul .. the windows to all existence!  From outside in and inside out … universes are seen to birth. You are reclaiming your rightful place in existence as the Cosmic Mother / Father / Creator .. ever expanding … always knowing itself as more!


About Janine Savient

Janine Savient is the author of the website Heart Transformations - 'The Heart Lady', and is a well known Teacher of Self Awareness and the power of love. Janine teaches people to live life through their hearts, and is in demand for weekend retreats as well as one on one sessions and discussions on who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life.

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