The Journey of Remembering

The greatest journey taken by ALL in this life experience … is the journey of remembering!

Opening, accepting and allowing the return of memory,

… and allowing the journey  to take those ready, into their authenticity, through integrity,

 through personal truth, and ultimately through the awareness and deep knowing into unconditional love.  (This means feeling the power of being authentic

 and transparent through words spoken from truth, through right

 thoughts and through  heart centred action!)


You see, for a long time human beings have forgotten who and what they are beyond the physical body and mind.  All have walked a very long pathway veiled from the ‘wholeness’ of self as Cosmic Citizens, as Divine Beings, as Galactic Gods and Goddesses.  All have ‘trudged’ through lifetimes of experiences seeking self, looking for any remnant that might trigger a return of memory, and time and again many seekers have thought they caught a glimpse, a clue and off they went down that pathway frantically searching … only to eventually find it is a dead end yet again.

So many beautiful ones here in this particular reality are caught in the ‘birth and rebirth’ cycle.. round and round they go.. and every time they are reborn, the search begins again for some clue as to who and what they are.  There is the deep knowing within ‘all’ that this plane of existence is not their true home.


Some of us are not caught up in the cycle; we have entered this reality to help end this merry go round.  We have come in to support the lifting of the veil…

to bring an end to this illusion that has felt so very real to those

that have been caught here for eons of time… and so we

 see this reality from a deeper and broader

 perspective than many others.


I call this plane of existence an illusion for many reasons, one being because so much of what has been told to the inhabitants here has been untrue!  The ‘untruths’ have been drip fed to those living here over lifetimes; one reason for this is to give hope that there could be a way out of here!  Another reason for the untruths has been to keep ‘all’ distracted from the knowing of their own personal power, to keep ‘all’ feeling small and insignificant.

Introduce religion .. create the concept of a ‘Master Being’ who is watching over those here, bring in a little fear by adding, that all are accountable to that Master Being!  Introduce levels to this reality .. one place full of light and love called Heaven and another place full of fear and evil called Hell! This fills the minds with fear and/or hope, and creates confusion within every moment, every experience and endeavour and keeps one distracted from the truth of them self.

Introduce systems … Educational, Financial, Medical, Business, Government, Legal, Religious, Social that are all geared to keep the fear alive… this way all are kept in a state of confusion and divided, and far away from knowing their magnificence.


Moving along .. now it is time to inject the fact that the ‘Master Being’ is actually all about love and for movement out of this reality one must aspire to become a being of pure love, and pure light, for once that vibration is met then ascension into the ‘Oneness’ of this Master Being’s vibration is achieved.. then surely time here is completed and those ones can go home?

The truth is opening to us that it is virtually unachievable to become ‘pure love, pure light’ whilst having a human experience unless one is an Ascended Master or an Avatar and even then they too are always learning and growing!


We are ‘whole beings’ .. we encompass all of the dark and all of the light.  This is also true for the ‘Creator Beings’ we ascend from .. but hey, that is another story!!


This journey is about meeting every aspect of oneself that shows up within an experience, yes we are all multi faceted beings. These aspects invite us to acknowledge them, accept them and embrace them back into the wholeness of oneself and as this is done, as integration happens, acceptance of personal truth is gained, acceptance of life for all that it is comes, and as awareness and connection to one’s ‘Wholeness’ happens aspect by aspect… there is less judgement, less criticism of oneself, others and life’s processes.

You see, there has never been a time we have not been ‘Whole Beings’ .. but it is only recently that this realisation of us being magnificent within our dark as well as our light  is happening and many are stepping forward now and claiming their power through this truth!

Our truth is ever expanding and within this now we are realising that in our quest to become whole ‘Light Beings’, we are denying the rest of ourself!  How can we ever achieve a state of unconditional love when we are in denial of so much of ourself?  When this realisation comes to us the search is over as the focus is brought inward and there we stand complete and whole within ALL that we are!

The seeking of the doorway out of here can then be let go as the pathway is found in ‘unconditionally loving oneself’ for ALL that we are!  When one stands in that place of the greatest personal power… ‘the truth of who they are’, there is nothing that holds anyone here in this reality if they do not wish to be here.


The key to exiting this life experience is found through the journey of remembering

… and the journey itself is found in the coming home to one self  as the

 ‘magnificent whole being’ of shadow, of light, of love, of fear,

and loving every aspect, every part, every facet of oneself totally. 

This is where true power is found, this is when our majesty

 as the Sovereign Beings (all in truth are), is known!

Janine Savient

About Janine Savient

Janine Savient is the author of the website Heart Transformations - 'The Heart Lady', and is a well known Teacher of Self Awareness and the power of love. Janine teaches people to live life through their hearts, and is in demand for weekend retreats as well as one on one sessions and discussions on who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life.

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