The Gift of a Compliment

When I give a compliment to another I give it as a gift to them. This is a very special gift on so many levels. In the moment of giving the compliment it is saying to the other “I see you”.. I see that very special part of you, or even the whole you. It is a gift given, wrapped in my love, to help support the other on their pathway to ‘self worthiness’… we are all on this pathway.

There is not a person on this planet that I cannot find the gift of a compliment for, as my gift is being able to see deeply into a persons heart and no matter how the exterior may present itself to the world, within their heart … at their core … there is only good… there is only beauty. Therefore my gift of a compliment helps them see themselves as well, helps them in whatever way is needed for self recognition of this inner beauty.

I do not ever hold back, but give these gifts freely from my heart to the heart of the other. Yes there are many times the other finds it hard to accept my compliment, as their true self worth may not be evident to them at that time, but when the gift of a compliment is given with gentleness, spoken softly, and with deep sincerity it has an impact on a deep level and is carried for a long time, so even if their mind cannot accept my words, their heart has heard.

It is such a beautiful gift to give and receive … ‘a compliment’ … given in a moment, but can be carried forever.  Just one of the many ways of giving our love to others.

Try giving this gift to another this day and know the wonderful feeling of ‘goodness’ and ‘love’ that pervades your heart.

About Janine Savient

Janine Savient is the author of the website Heart Transformations - 'The Heart Lady', and is a well known Teacher of Self Awareness and the power of love. Janine teaches people to live life through their hearts, and is in demand for weekend retreats as well as one on one sessions and discussions on who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life.

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