The Shining Ones – My Team


Ten years ago while on a retreat high the mountains a group of beings came to me during the night and introduced themselves.

They told me they were ‘The Shining Ones’.

These beautiful beings are from the star system of Sirius, but exist in another dimension to the 3rd dimensional reality we are in here in this life.

These beautiful beings of pure light energy have come to offer their support and love for all here on this planet. They come to support us in moving to the higher vibration of LOVE (5th, 6th, 7th dimensional reality). They are the higher consciousness of us all, and represent the joy, the wisdom, the abundance, service to all and the universal principles of love.

We come to this time, space, reality for all the tangible, physical experiences we can have while here. We love to play in this experience called life. We are, ourselves, the most beautiful beings of light energy but have forgotten this. We are joy seeking beings, we are powerful creators. Everything that comes to us in our lives we have had a hand in co creating.

The Shining Ones are here to help us remember who and what we are and why we are here. Their message is a simple one, they remind us that we are LOVE.

Their words come on the vibration of LOVE and as they are received the mind takes in the wonder and the idea, and the heart takes in that energy of love, thus there is movement within the person, there is an activation, blockages clear, energy moves and awareness happens.

I am part of this group and am the representative here on this plane of existence. I am the channel for their messages and it is a great honour to be able to be the conduit for this energy.

At this time we here in this dimension are in the greatest time of change that has ever been. We have been on this plane living in this dense and heavy vibration, living with the dualities of negative and positive energies for eons of time. This is the plane of thought, of the mind, the plane of free will and of matter.

This is the only plane where we suffer from the illusion of separation from our Spirit, because we rely mainly on our physical senses on this plane and our physical senses cannot detect spirit, as spirit is beyond physical form.

It is in all of us to feel deeply alone many times during our lives here because of a deep feeling of separation, but most do not realise why they feel this aloneness so profoundly.  The Shining Ones are here to help us remember who and what we are and that we are never alone, never separate. They help us remember that in reality we are beings of pure love ourselves, here now living this life to experience ourselves as love, in every form and with every experience we have while here in these beautiful bodies.

We either learn about love or the absence of love (fear), but ultimately it is about experiencing ourselves.

The Shining ones come on the highest vibration; they are elven / angelic beings and appear to me with no physical form.  They are fluid light energy of pure iridescent white light and emanate a deep and profound love for all humanity.

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