Message From the Divine

‘Beautiful Being’ are you realising as yet who you are?  Are you feeling the ‘newness’ and yet ‘known’ that is happening within you?
As each day passes, as each moment comes and goes .. are you seeing and feeling the difference within yourself as you again open to your magnificence.
Through your expanding awareness can you see how you do things differently now, from the past times.
In that moment when you feel attacked … can you now send love to your attacker, can you hold your accuser in your forgiveness? Can you now move into ‘love’ as your default in most moments of your time?
In your quiet time do you feel the love of you… the love that is you as it moves through your ‘beingness’.. gently folding around you, holding you, bringing life energy to you, through you.. opening you to the limitless wonder and deep gift that you are to ALL?
‘Beloved One’… you are bringing home to yourself right now .. all parts, all aspects from past, present and future .. all of YOU is gathering, consolidating, becoming whole again and it is happening within this beautiful body, mind, energy that is you…. ‘now’!   You are moving from a ‘limited mindset’ .. to a ‘limitless heart space’ .
With each step forward, the 3rd dimensional being that you know yourself to be is morphing… into the God / Goddess … the Eternal Being of Love …. The Master …The Creator .. the Limitless Being of Divine Love.. that is who YOU are.
You are, right now, taking your place with every other Master, Arch Angel, Angel, Galactic Brother and Sister… where in reality you had never left.. but in your humanness you had forgotten.
We come to say to you this day … welcome home ‘Awakened Angel’, welcome home ‘Glorious God / Goddess …. feel our arms outstretched to you as you come into the fold again within your human memory,…. within your absolute knowing of all. Feel every part, particle, aspect, facet of you merge and become one again.
No more will separation be known.. separation from yourself and all your ‘selves’.. and separation from all others.  No more will you believe that you are separate from GOD!
You have been on such a journey through so many lifetimes, stumbling so often through this human experience.. carrying all the emotion of your experiences, carrying the karma, being with every choice you have ever made during your sojourn on this journey of the HUman.
Learning and growing through it all, the dark, the shadow, the light, the glory … and here you are.. and your time is now.  You are finished with this cycle, this experiment… so open your own arms beautiful brother, beautiful sister … your entire Soul family awaits your conscious awareness to be fully present, fully open once again, as this will bring you wholly back home to them… and to the magnificent glory of yourself.
About Janine Savient

Janine Savient is the author of the website Heart Transformations - 'The Heart Lady', and is a well known Teacher of Self Awareness and the power of love. Janine teaches people to live life through their hearts, and is in demand for weekend retreats as well as one on one sessions and discussions on who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life.

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