Just What Is Love?

Just What Is Love?

Let me start by asking you to contemplate the questions that have been asked by you since time began.

What is LOVE?

Where do I find it?What is love

How do I recognise it?

How do I keep it?

…and the biggie that is always within you….

Do I deserve it?

I wrote a quote the other day which I will share with you here, it went like this:

Beloved it is love that sustains you.
It is love that feeds your heart and mind.
It is love that holds you in your hard times and love that you play in, in your happiness.
It is through love you find compassion, and it is through love that you take action.
It is love that makes you smile and love that makes life beautiful.
Love brings you its gift of joy, and it is the wave of love you ride in your excitement.
It is love that fires your passion and love that brings your creative shine.
Open your heart and let love flow.
Let it fill you. Let it bring its gifts to you and your life.
Beloved…..BE LOVE.. and ALL life will be LOVE also.

Dear one, you spend your whole life seeking LOVE. Always it is looked for in every situation, in every circumstance in your life. It is hoped for, it is dreamed about, it is cried out for and it is prayed for.

And if it is not found then that feeling of loss brings to you deep self-worth issues, and deep sadness.

My Story On Love

I, myself tasted LOVE many months ago. It was fleeting and came and went so quickly. I rode the wave of absolute JOY while my heart was full of this LOVE and I plummeted and crashed as my heart felt the pain of the loss of it when it was gone again.

In hindsight it was an amazing journey from start to finish and taught me so much about LOVE.

I learned that I was looking for LOVE from another because I had not found that LOVE within myself, at that time.

I learned also that when I allow love to fill me from another, it can be given and it can be taken away again, but the blessing in the withdrawal of it is the understanding that it was not my own love that I was filled with, for once that self-love is found it does not withdraw.

It fills and feeds the heart. It brings a smile so wide, contentment so gentle, joy so deep and an understanding so profound that life is lived from a whole new level.

Self Love

So beloved have you tasted the delicious nectar of your own love?

Do you feel it now within your heart?

Do you hear loves song connecting to and touching life?

AND, if you do not, then have you contemplated why not?

YOU deserve this LOVE that you seek.

You ARE this LOVE that you cry out for.

YOU were made from LOVE.

YOU are here on this journey called life to have every experience of LOVE that you can create for yourself. Even the absence of LOVE is yet another experience of this deeply beautiful energy that is YOU.

Life invites you beloved to open your eyes and see what is being presented to you to help you find this self-love. Life asks you to find the courage to allow your heart to open wide so that it may enter and bring with it so many possibilities and opportunities for you to experience LOVE.

For in your very deep sadness, LOVE cannot be found. You close your heart beloved, you close it off to yourself and life, so the very thing you seek, the gifts and the joy of love, cannot come to you, cannot touch or enter your beautiful heart that longs for this love.

The Secret

One of the many gifts of discovering self-love beloved, is that when you find it and it is yours, the need to have it brought to you from another is no longer a part of your desire for it, so what do you think happens then? Yes, your beautiful lover walks right into your life!

When self-love radiates from your core into all life, you become a magnet of LOVE, bringing LOVE towards you from every direction and like a moth to a light your lover appears and the hearts connect. How very beautiful beloved one.

The song that is sung then from one heart to another is one that has been sung since time began.

Remember though dear one that for LOVE to happen on this level with another it first must be found within self.

So beloved feel your beauty, feel your worthiness, feel the sacredness of your soul energy.

Feel the blessing that you are to life, feel the joy of you, the fun of you, the warm gentleness, the decisive action energy of you. The thoughtfulness, the kindness, know it all.

Feel the light of yourself, that beautiful radiant light, feel it move through your being washing away all doubt and allow LOVE to shine into and through your life.

This is the reality of YOU. YOU are this LIGHT. YOU are LOVE and you are glorious in your dazzling brightness, and you are so beautiful in the LOVING energy that YOU are.

YOU are so loved by all of us here in these realms and dimensions, but it is time now to find this for yourself as well. We honour the journey you are on in the discovery of LOVE.

We walk beside you holding your heart always. It is our deepest privilege to hold you in our love until that time when you are holding yourself in the pure loving essence of your own LOVE, beloved beautiful being that you are.

From my heart to you heart with so much LOVE.

~ Janine and ‘The Shining Ones’

About Janine Savient

Janine Savient is the author of the website Heart Transformations - 'The Heart Lady', and is a well known Teacher of Self Awareness and the power of love. Janine teaches people to live life through their hearts, and is in demand for weekend retreats as well as one on one sessions and discussions on who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life.

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