Janine Savient Videos

A Meditation and Activation to fill your heart with the vibration of love.



Part One in my series ‘A Message To Humanity’ … June 2016


Video footage of Janine and her team the ‘Shining Ones’ sharing information on areas of change and growth. These messages are conveyed, in part, via the language of light…a language, of light and sound frequencies that reaches deeply into the cellular structure and DNA of the physical body and brings profound change not only on the physical level, but also the emotional level as blockages are cleared, and on the energetic level.  This ‘light language’ comes from many realms and dimensions and is now known and heard more and more often on this 3rd dimensional plane we exist in at this time. In this video clip Janine and the ‘Shining Ones’ talk about letting go of all energy that no longer serves you.  All thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs and feelings that hold you back from realising your full potential.

Year: 2013

In this video clip Janine and the ‘Shining Ones’ help you remember who and what you are in reality.

In this video clip Janine and The ‘Shining Ones’ remind you to let your inner child out to play.


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