How I Can Help You


I can help you with two different support services:

1. Send me a question or questions

I invite you to send me one or two questions on your life.

Make these questions specific and about areas of your life where you might feel blocked or stuck. Where you know you could do with support and advice.

I will consult with my Team, ‘The Shining Ones’ and reply to you.

It is not possible to answer questions on areas like winning lotto or help you find missing items etc.

Your questions must be on your desire to move forward in your life and your quest to know yourself and your life on a greater and more profound level.

It normally takes approximately a half hour to answer a question and at least an hour for 2 questions as the ‘Shining Ones’ can answer at length and in depth at times, and sometimes the question you ask can come from a place within you that requires a lot of clarity as it is only the tip of the ice berg.


Once the amount shows up in my account please allow three to four days maximum for an answer to your question/questions.


2. Meet With Me On Skype, Or Meet With Me One On One In Person

These consultation appointments are for when you want more than questions answered, and you would like to talk with me one on one.

This can be via a Skype meeting, or it can be in a personal meeting when I will meet you in my office.

All appointments are for 1 hour.   Investment in Self for these sessions is $130.00

If you wish to book me via Skype, put payment through below and email me on to set up the appointment time.


To make a time to consult with me in my office, please go to the Contact Me page or email me direct on , I will then come back to you and we can organise a time to meet and I will send you bank account details for payment.

Please note if you are meeting with me in my office, I do not have Eftpos facilities.

Your name and email details will automatically go on my database for future mailouts. Please know that I never share your details with another party. If you do not wish for this to happen please simply ‘unsubscribe’ with the first mailing you receive from me.

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