The Global Rising Project (Summit) ~ ‘Stand Up, Speak Out, Be Seen’

A Humanitarian Project

Join your hosts – Janine Savient and Heather Ellis Drake for this amazing FREE Global Summit.

36 Speakers over 12 weeks.  

Start ~ 5th December 2016 – Ends ~ 27th February 2017

Each speaker brings their truth, their gifts, their uniqueness, their courage, their knowing of life to this platform.

(We are here, we are ready…. and we are many!
Every day now more of us are awakening to the truth of who we are and what this life experience is all about.
We stand on the leading edge of thought and knowing
We are the ‘Change Makers’,
the ‘Bringers of Truth’.)

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Globally people will be able to listen, for FREE. Each week, three unique and powerful interviews will be made available for 24 hours, starting December 5th. This offers unprecedented access to 36 of the world’s new emerging leaders, practitioners and trainers, authors and people who have a message to deliver.