EVENT: SOUL MASTERY SERIES – (NZ The First Light Presents)

EVENT:  NZ The First Light Presents – Soul Mastery Series – with Dave Rogers – Presenting Janine Savient.

Thursday NZ Time 12noon and 8pm.

I have the honour of being the first to be interviewed in the ‘NZ The First Light’ SOUL MASTERY SERIES – with Dave Rogers from ‘Rock Your Life’.

I am super excited to be a part of this series, and I invite you to join me in my interview with Dave by clicking on the link below.

My deepest calling of my heart in this lifetime is to ignite the flame of remembrance in all hearts ready to open to the opportunity of knowing and living life from the highest most expanded level of ‘SELF’.

Going beyond belief and into the deep core knowing of who and what we all are, is my supporting role beside you. Encouraging you to stand strong in your personal truth, and to come to know yourself as an eternal being of divine love.. is my greatest honour.


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I came to this lifetime to be in service to you! I am a ‘Messenger for Love’ and through my gifts of intuition, insight, deep awareness of the many layers and levels of reality and my open heart, I offer my services to support you on your journey of ‘SELF’.

The greatest journey you will ever walk is this one that takes you home to the core of you, the heart of the universe. To your GOD SELF .. back to Source!

The journey is one of remembering, integrating, understanding, accepting and allowing all that you are to be here and become your ‘Truth’.

I offer my time and space for one hour Consultations either in my rooms, or via Skype. It is always my honour and privilege to be with you and support you to greater awareness of yourself and life.

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Consultations with Janine Savient

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