EVENT: LOVE – An Extraordinary Event: February 14th, 2016

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LOVE is the fabric of all life. You were born from love, ‘you’ are LOVE! It is time now to remember! To know that there is no greater power that exists in all the universe than Love and it is found within YOU. Love creates all life, love is our reason for being.

Love is the focus of this day, and the opportunity will be there to bring to you the deepest experience of love perhaps in lifetimes.

This time together is an opportunity for deep growth and profound inner change to occur.

Are you feeling the call to access the deepest part of ‘you’ – To know who you truly are?

Join with us as we journey inward and expand outward, reaching through the layers and levels of ‘self’ – touching GOD within, remembering ourselves as the ‘Master Creators’ that we truly are.

Greg and Janine have answered the call to come together to support all those ready to receive the love of themselves.
They have spent this lifetime on the quest to know themselves and understand life, and their greatest realisation from each of their journeys is that the answer to all questions is ‘LOVE’.

2016 is the year of ‘Freedom’! It is the year of creating a different experience of life beyond fear, beyond lack, beyond limitation. It is time now to know yourself fully, wholly, completely… to know yourself as a ‘Being of Divine Love’.

Join us: February 14th  (Valentines Day)

Venue: Browns Bay

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Investment: $99

Contact to register your interest: Janine: janine.savient@gmail.com   //  Greg: greg@transhealing.co.nz