EVENT: ‘LIGHT’ – 17th July 2016



DATE:  17th July 2016

VENUE: Browns Bay

TIME:  9:30am – 4pm

We have been called once again to facilitate an event, the next in the ‘Transformational Hearts ‘ series.

The first one in February was titled ‘LOVE’ and was 5th dimensional vibration. The second in May was ‘AWAKENING’ and was 7th dimensional vibration. This one is titled ‘LIGHT’ and we have been told it is 13th dimension and higher vibration.

Our growth is rapid now as we open more through our growing trust in ourselves and all that is coming to us, and within us.

In this event we play and flow in the energy of ‘Source’ that we are.

What can you expect from this day?
• Transmissions of Light from the Galactic Core.
• Downloads of Sacred Encodings of Light to help you awaken to the Truth of your Being.
• Opening to your Highest Expression of your Mighty I AM Presence.
• Embodying the frequencies of Higher and Higher dimensional aspects of your Divinity.
• Integrating the frequencies of the Realm of Unified Consciousness.
• Having a greater perspective of your Infinite Self.

We are now accessing the energies of the Infinite Consciousness from beyond the 13th Dimension, and as we expand into our Higher Levels of Conscious Awareness we are embodying the perfection of that which we are …. Within the Light, Love, Stillness, Truth, Joy, Bliss .. that is our birthright.

For too long we have labored under the illusion that we are separate from our Source. This outdated Blueprint is being deleted and replaced with an updated Blueprint of Divine Perfection.
Now we are remembering that we are GOD experiencing itself!

Cost: $170 .. Early bird cost of $145 if paid by 3rd July.

Contact Details: Greg Villers greg@transhealing.co.nz
phone: 021771313
Janine Savient janine@janinesavient.com
phone: 021834743


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