Event – Accessing The Energy Of The One Within – April 6th 2016

This event is divinely orchestrated for those ready to take the leap forward into the heart of themselves, the creator within.



Co-presenters Gail and Janine will begin by accessing the energy of the One at the core of your ‘beingness’One by creating a path of light to the heart of every cell in your body.

As this pathway of light passes through the layers of energy and matter from the surface to the core, a great cleansing will occur in order to reveal your most pure, unadulterated, divine energy of the One within.

Along with this deep cleansing and accessing of your DNA, you will receive the keys, codes, activations, initiations and energies as well as any necessary corrections to your sacred geometry so that you may start your Divine plan on Earth and ultimately the Divine Cosmic plan for our planetary, galactic and multi-universal ascension.

About the Facilitators:

Gail Yip-Chuck is from Tampa, Florida, USA and will be in New Zealand presenting her latest workshop, The Nine Steps to Oneness and Ascension, in Auckland and Wellington, April 2016.  (See http://alternativemedicalhealing.com/.) She is a walk-in more than 65,000 years from the future, a Master Spiritual Teacher and Healer, a Pure Crystallized Channel for the One Infinite Creator, Teacher of Oneness and Ascension, a Catalyst/Energizer of Light and Love, Mer-Ka-Ba Activator, Way Shower for the pathway of ascension, a Representative of the Great White Sisterhood, an Avatar and World Server.  (See Gail’s bio. http://alternativemedicalhealing.com/gail-yip-chuck-biography/)

Janine Savient is originally from Christchurch, NZ but now lives in Auckland.  Janine’s initial soul left in 2011 during a major operation.  For less than one minute Janine’s body ceased to breathe and within this time the initial soul energy departed allowing a higher aspect to enter.  This higher aspect is from 65,000 years from this time now.  Two days after the operation Janine was downloaded with a deep vision of the life she came in from.  Janine is known as the Heart Lady.  She is an Intuitive, Visionary, Seer who has the ability to see through the illusion that has been life, up until now…(See Janine’s bio http://theheartlady.net/about-me-janine-savient/)

 Date: April 6th 2016

Venue:  693 East Coast Road, Browns Bay

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Energy exchange/cost: $150 NZD


To book your place please contact:

 Janine on 021834743 or email on janine.savient@gmail.com .

Registration is essential for this event.