Creating The Life Of Your Dreams


It feels fitting that at this time of your year we speak to you about the power behind manifesting all your dreams and desires, about creating the life of your dreams. How have you been going with your creative abilities dear one? Did you realise your dreams and desires in your year of 2013? For […]

Love Is Limitless

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Yes, Love Is Limitless! I have received this message from The Shining Ones, my Team about how love is limitless, and I would love to share with you. Beloved LOVE is awakening within you now. Can you feel this happening? It is that gentle warm feeling that supports your mind to flow with positive thoughts? It […]

What Is Love?

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Just What Is Love? Let me start by asking you to contemplate the questions that have been asked by you since time began. What is LOVE? Where do I find it? How do I recognise it? How do I keep it? …and the biggie that is always within you…. Do I deserve it? I wrote […]

You Are Becoming

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The energy that you are in now, and the energy that you are becoming is pure joy, is pure LOVE. In reality this is who and what you are and have always been dear one, but now you are knowing this more in every moment. For in a moment you can feel this within yourself. […]