Janine Shares… Do We Feel Worthy of Love

Janine shares..

Do we feel worthy of love … in every form that it comes to us.. are we open enough to let it?  For the reality is, we are love itself, but in forgetting this we can feel unworthy of the very energy that we are.. we can feel unworthy of ‘our self’.

There are so many ways that love lets us know it is with us.  It comes to us through its gentle touch, and we catch it within a look.  We taste it in food lovingly prepared, and we hear it on waves of warm, soft words.  And when our minds are in a gentle soft place of peace, we soak in it through the millions of delicious thoughts that float through our awareness.

Love sings to us through our own beautiful voice and comes on others deep sound also .. We smell it often, in the flowers, trees and bushes, from the ocean, in freshly baked bread, and within a hug given by a child.  Our heart fills as we read about love in the words that have flowed from other’s beautiful hearts and it can catch us unawares often in an outburst of laughter, or holds our attention captive in a deep knowing smile. Love often finds us through play… the inner child within loves playtime.

When our passion fires … Love comes dancing, and we whirl and twirl through every atom, every particle within the body!  When our creativity flows … Love is a wild fire at times, flowing outward, taking form .. and other times flows softly, so tenderly as it creates sacred space for us to simply BE in!

Love gives us permission to simply be our self and ALL that means.  Love brings us so many gifts … it holds us in its nurturing embrace, it ignites our courage to stretch our self into the unknown.

Love opens us to FREEDOM! It says softly to us… ‘I AM Love’… There is not a moment that I am not present for ‘I AM all life’.  I shine for you in moments when your heart is open and engaged with life, …and I wait for you to see me in the moments when you close your heart to life and to me.  Follow me for I will lead you to the freedom of your ‘Soul’.

Love speaks to us clearly when our heart engages with another open heart.  Love see’s its connection with itself when eyes meet and recognise the love in the other;  I myself had such an experience a few days ago with an exquisitely beautiful young man.

We were standing side on to each other listening to another speak and we felt each other and turned. Within our eyes there was deep connection on the level far removed from this physical level .. and the beauty I saw and felt within him was total.

Both of us took one step forward and touched hands in introduction. I swam in the beauty of this young man’s clarity of vision as he reflected myself back at me. His name was ‘Sye’ … and he was from Israel .. and we repeated each other’s names back as we held our gaze together .. and our combined smiles said all that needed to say as our hearts danced together.. and we parted and moved on our way in our lives .. I could feel him with me and knew I had touched him deeply also .. and even now .. two days later .. I am still with the gift that he gave me …. showing me how gloriously beautiful I AM.

When we open our heart to life and let our love flow from us, we attract love back to us. We are magnets for love! It shows up in so many forms .. kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, passion, giving and receiving, shared laughter, moments of such tenderness. Creativity, beauty, .. so many varied forms of love.

When we are open to our self and to life.. life will show us the reality of our self as pure divine love!

So beautiful Being .. do YOU feel worthy to to receive the LOVE of yourself? .. To know the LOVE that YOU are?  To trust in LOVE to set you FREE?  .. ‘Living to Love …. Loving to Live’ … this is what life is all about!


About Janine Savient

Janine Savient is the author of the website Heart Transformations - 'The Heart Lady', and is a well known Teacher of Self Awareness and the power of love. Janine teaches people to live life through their hearts, and is in demand for weekend retreats as well as one on one sessions and discussions on who and what we are in reality and why we are here having this experience called life.

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