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Welcome beautiful one … Thank you for arriving here on my website, I welcome you!

I know myself to be a self-aware heart centred woman who feels and connects deeply and easily with all levels of life.

The levels of life that are my reality and that I bring others awareness to are the physical, the emotional, the energetic and the spiritual.

The physical level is the most commonly known to all humanity and is the level of matter. The level of our five main senses.

  • The energetic level (everything is in reality energy, every word, thought, feeling , our bodies, the air we breathe….all life is energy).
  • The emotional level (energy in motion, the level of feelings)
  • The spiritual level, the level where the greater part of ourselves exists and the level where we are all one.

It is my greatest pleasure and my passion to help support you to come to your own realizations and knowing of yourself and life.

The pathway I teach and support you to know is the pathway of the heart, our centre for love. From this powerful place within you life is reached fully, life is touched deeply, life is lived wholly, and life opens to you completely.

The heart, the gateway to your Soul self, the greater part of you, it is from this place that you have the understanding of who and what you really are. Life takes on a beauty that cannot be described with words, but it is felt profoundly.

I bring many gifts into this lifetime to assist in my being of service to humanity.  I am an Intuitive, A Visionary and a Seer.  I teach ‘Heart Centred Self Awareness’!  To love oneself is to love all others!   I am a ‘Spiritual Guide’ for many, an ‘Intuitive Energy Healer’ and a ‘Channel for Universal Knowledge’. I connect to the ‘Universal Mind and Heart of the One Creator’ to bring through deep wisdom and love in support of your journey through life. I am also an ‘International Public Speaker’.

I walk in this life as part of a group of beautiful ‘higher vibrational beings’ of unconditional love. These beautiful beings of light energy are called ‘The Shining Ones’.  (I am the ‘ground crew’ … the spokesperson for this group).

We have a powerful message for humanity and our message is all about love. We are here to support humanity at this time of great change, as humanity lifts into the vibration of love.

I am also a channel for the higher vibrational sound frequencies of the ‘Language of Light’. These ‘Light’ and ‘Sound’ frequencies work on a profoundly deep level bringing our energetic, emotional and physical bodies back into balance.  These frequencies shift emotional and energetic blockages and are a very powerful way forward.

So beautiful one reading my words right now … I am a messenger for Love and my message is a powerful one, for when it is accepted fully into your heart, you will know beyond all doubt the reality of yourself as a beautiful being of divine love.


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